Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Part 1

I was cleaning out my documents yesterday, and I came across a picture folder marked 'Misc.' and full of a collection of my own pictures, and things that have struck me over the past few years. So I put on some Dmitri Shovaskovich and selected a few to share. I don't know where all of them are from, but hopefully I can put down why I saved them.

(The Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens is possibly my favorite place in London)

(I love buttons)

(This is Sharon. She was wild, but after a few weeks, the cuddliest little thing ever.)

(Pollock's store and Toy Museum are amazing. I wish I had a place to put all my paper theatres)

(This makes me think of swimming at my cousins' lake)

(Tim Walker of course)

(By the ever talented Kris Atomic)

(Just bizarre)

(Christmas 2007, with my grandma)

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